Posted by: The I AM Foundation | April 24, 2012

A Message from Lori Waller…friend and supporter of The I AM Foundation

A Message from Lori Waller…friend and supporter of The I AM Foundation

One of the companies I have invested in has the proven process and technology to do away with landfills, incinerators, conventional waste-to-energy facilities, and hand recycling – a simple and evolutionary way of dealing with trash for a growing crisis on the planet.  Dealing with trash is Not sexy but the problem we solve for the planet is an awesome one by eliminating over 95% of green house gases, recycling up to 75% of the waste, creating green electricity, and nothing going into a landfill 🙂

We are poised to solve the Big Island of Hawai’i — Hilo and Kailua’s municipal waste crisis as their landfill is just about full.  Additionally they have tight budgets and also are committed to getting to Zero Waste which costs them even more money.

We are in the second round of fundraising to accomplish this and if this money comes in from someone(s) who is also a supporter of The I AM Foundation, we will match the Return On Investment which the Investor would receive, to The I AM Foundation.

I recently witnessed a very generous gift that Nelly Furtado recently gave to The Unstoppable Foundation, also doing great work in expanding consciousness, which was to match the funds that they raised at an event, up to $500K.   It hit me that evening that I/we could essentially do the same for The I AM Foundation by a similar offering.

What we are looking for more specifically is an additional investment to pay for the first milestone in the Approval Process. This is not a conventional offer or blog post BUT I want to share my inspiration, love and financial support for the Beloved I AM Foundation.  Lori Waller  619-985-6095

About The I AM Foundation…Founded in 1998, The I AM Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit whose mission is publishing and gifting books and music from The Love~Wisdom Series. The I AM Foundation also gifts books and music from other authors and musicians who donate their products for gifting to the world. The I AM Foundation has gifted and distributed over 1.1 million books and products to children around the world since 1998. The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are  is their signature book which has over 177,000 copies of various editions in print. The book has been translated into over 40 languages for book gifting to children worldwide. To make a financial or product donation please visit 


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