Posted by: The I AM Foundation | March 13, 2012

Rotary of Sonoma Valley Gives the Gift of Literacy and Self-Esteem to Kids

The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley Generosity Gives the Gift of Literacy and Self-Esteem to Children of Sonoma

Thank you to The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley for sponsoring 84 children to receive books that build literacy and self-esteem at The El Verano School in Sonoma, CA. Special thanks to the Sonoma Rotary Club members and current President Valerie Pistole, President-Elect Vicki Whiting of Kidscoop and Carole Downing for their sponsorship and making this event possible. 

The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley sponsored 84 copies of The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering Who You Are in English and Spanish and a copy of The I AM! Affirmation Book Curriculum from The I AM Foundation for a 2nd grade class at El Verano School in Sonoma.

The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley does so much good for the community, The I AM Foundation is so grateful to have worked with them to make this gift possible for the children at El Verano School’s Second Grade Class in Sonoma. We thank everyone who makes the work possible at The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley” – states Steve Viglione, Founder and Director of The I AM Foundation.

“Thank you Sonoma Rotary for ALL you do for our students! What a treat this was! I absolutely love the book choice (of The I AM! Affirmation Book). It goes along perfectly with our Lifeskills teaching.”     –Diane Dalenberg, Academic Coordinator
El Verano School, Sonoma, CA

“I wish you could have seen the faces of the children at El Verano as the Rotarians handed each of them their own copy of The I AM! Affirmation Books. Eyes popped open wide, the oohs and aaaahs, they immediately opened them and started READING!!!” -Vicki Whiting, President-Elect of Sonoma Rotary and President/Owner of Kid Scoop
About The Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley...We say we do good things in the community, which is true. -But, that’s just part of it. The other part is that we are one of over 33,000 clubs in over 200 countries and geographic areas, each sharing the same ideals of service, doing good things in our local communities and working together internationally to make the world a better place to live.But, what does this club do in the community? We raise money and give it to those who strengthen and improve the community.Our club has an emphasis on youth. We do hands-on projects and have fun doing them. Perhaps the best explanation is through examples of some of the things we have done.
About Kid Scoop...Kid Scoop believes kids want to learn and that learning is fun! Our educational activity pages teach and entertain. Our learning resources are used by both families and schools. Teachers use the page in schools to promote standards-based learning. Parents use the Kid Scoop materials to foster academic success, a joy of learning and family discussions. Over 20 years of experience in the field has taught us that children learn when they are engaged in the subject. We know that our puzzles and activities draw children into the page. This stimulates the child’s interest and they then read the text. Every section they read and complete furthers their mastery of an academic skill. When parents show an interest and read the page with their child, they establish the value of this educational tool.
About The I AM Foundation…Founded in 1998, The I AM Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit whose mission is publishing and gifting books and music from The Love~Wisdom Series. The I AM Foundation also gifts books and music from other authors and musicians who donate their products for gifting to the world. The I AM Foundation has gifted and distributed over 1.1 million books and products to children around the world since 1998. To make a financial or product donation please visit 

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