Posted by: The I AM Foundation | March 8, 2012

YOUth Shift Africa Receives Books from The I AM Foundation

Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt of YOUth Shift Africa applied to be a recipient to The I AM Foundation’s programs. YOUth Shift Africa has been chosen to receive a box of books from the Love~Wisdom Series.  They will be receiving their books for gifting to the students in April of 2012.  Their original request was for 500 books. If you would like to be a sponsor to help the children of this school receive books, Contact Us for more information.

From Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt………

YOUth Shift Africa is East Africa’s new and rapidly emerging network community movement for youth driven conscious awakening, social and environmental innovation, leadership and peace building. We believe that real transformation comes from within and therefore offer online and live tools, techniques and teachings for Positive Progress, Phenomenal Personal emPowerment & Planetary Peace & Plenty. We are inclusive, non-political, non-denominational, and open to all who thirst to make a difference. The I AM Foundation teen and young adult books will be an invaluable addition to the empowerment work in rural and city slum areas in Kenya and beyond as it is the repeated confirmation of our divine nature and truth which leads to eventually be able to turn lives around from a state of fear to a sustained state of love, from mind to heart, from self-centredness to caring, sharing and peaceful community living. Thank You!


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