Posted by: The I AM Foundation | February 11, 2012

After Space Center Layoffs, Community Comes Together, Is Empowered by “The Bridge”

Rev. Rose Whitman talks about The Bridge

While attending the 2011 Unity People’s Convention, walking by one of the tables in the hallway outside the conference room, I was handed a book called The Bridge. Something about the book caught my attention and even though I did not open it at the time, it left an imprint in my mind. In August as I was setting up the church’s fall schedule, I remembered the book and opened it for the first time since it was handed to me.

Our church, Unity of Merritt Island is located four miles south of Kennedy Space Center. Our community was heavily affected by the 20,000 and some jobs lost due to the discontinuation of the Shuttle Program. As people moved away, in search of work elsewhere, supporting businesses closed (restaurants, garages, retail stores), homes went up for sale or were foreclosed on. Our church attendance dwindled and I had stopped offering classes because no one came.
As I reviewed The Bridge, I knew it’s message was exactly what was needed in our church community. How do we create a bridge from the old to the new? How do we release habits, thoughts, beliefs of the way it was and open to experience something new and different? How do we become the way showers in a changing world?
We offered a seven week class on The Bridge. And went from no one attending classes to over half the congregation participating, many of whom had recently lost their job and did not know what was next.
Today, two months after the class ended, I still overhear comments by congregants such as … when I was in The Bridge class I realized …. Three individuals who participated in the class give it credit for their new employment in a completely different area that what they had previously done. Their new positions, more joyful and fulfilling than their previous line of work.
The Bridge class turned our church around. Attendance is growing as Bridge participants bring their friends to the church whose teachings has changed their lives.
With much appreciation to authors Steve Viglione & Dr. Marilyn Powers whose work is exactly what the new consciousness growing in this world needs.
In love & peace,
Rev. Rose M. Whitham
Unity of Merritt Island, FL
4725 N. Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL 32953 Tel:  321-452-2625
3/1/12- update
Steve, this is so wonderful.  What a boost to our church community to be in Unity’s Contact Magazine in the Fall.  Thank you for helping that happen. Our average Sunday attendance when we held The Bridge class was about 37.  Since the first of the year we have been over 50 and now into 60’s.  It’s being called a phenomenon here at the church by our long time members.
The energy created by The Bridge is now manifesting. – Rev. Rose Whitman

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