Posted by: The I AM Foundation | February 9, 2012

Wonderful Couple Making an Impact on Displaced Afghan Boys in Sweden

The Bridge and Book Gifting Mission Conversation with Dr. Marilyn Powers, Marianne Pagmar and Christer Ohlsson

Many thanks to a wonderful couple, Marianne Pagmar and Christer Ohlsson, for gifting The I AM! Affirmation Book for Teens and Young Adults to Afghan teenagers who are misplaced because of the war in Afghanistan. Christer works at a Swedish Facility that supports some of the 2,500 teen boys coming over from Afghanistan as refugees. Thanks to Marianne’s donation to The I AM Foundation for 36 copies of The Bridge: A Seven-Stage Map to Redefine Your Life and Purpose  36 teen and young adult books were gifted to the boys in Christer’s program. “We will use the books and have them translate them in their language. Also, we are grateful to The I AM Foundation for providing these books through their Buy One, Gift One Program. We are also grateful for the Farci edition which will help us in the study of the book as well. We want to support these boys and give them the strength they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Gifting The I AM! Affirmation Book for Teens and Young Adults will be a step in the right direction.” states Christer Ohlsson.

And Marianne Pagmar shared “We are so thankful for The Bridge, I am excited to offer this book and companion workbook that helps people going through change and transition to my friends and colleagues and the people of Sweden. We look forward to bringing The Bridge Workshop to Sweden as well.”

Updates to The Bridge Workshop and Book Gifting Events in Sweden to follow.


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