Posted by: The I AM Foundation | January 16, 2012

Thank you to Unity of Santa Rosa and Andrew Oser!

To help us impact more kids...Place this image and a link to our site on your blog or website.

A big thank you to Unity of Santa Rosa, CA and their Bookstore for participating in our Buy One, Gift One Program. Their participation in our program resulted in 50 books being gifted to children and teens in the Bellevue School District in Santa Rosa. We thank Rev. Kathy McCall and her staff for ordering the books and for hosting a book signing at her center on Sunday, January 15th, 2012. The center and its congregants purchased 50 books which were matched for the Santa Rosa School District.

We also thank Andrew Oser of Summit Coaching Services for sharing the platform with Steve and Marilyn on that day to talk about The I AM Foundation’s programs.  I AM! Affirmation Books will be gifted to the children and teens of the Santa Rosa School District in February. This in addition to 25 books that were already gifted in late 2011.

From Teachers Bethany Wilson and Linda Grenier of Bellevue Elementary School: “Bellevue School serves primarily students at-risk of underachievement in academics, and enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities are few, due to a strict focus on literacy and math instruction. Our students are taught resiliency skills and I believe the I AM books could support the message that our students are capable of doing anything. The belief in their abilities goes hand-in-hand with teaching them the skills they need to be successful. Bellevue is a public school where 97% of the population is on the free or reduced-price lunch program. Most of our children\’s parents did not graduate from high school, and more than 75% of our students speak Spanish at home. We ar committed to providing all the tools we can bestow on our students to help them lead healthy, happy, productive lives. When students can bring home the tools or resources as well, we reach the family and the parents, and the seed grows ad supports the entire community to value and support our children.”

Everyone can make a difference! You can help us gift books to children by placing purchasing books at The I AM Foundation’s website. We will match each book that is purchased and gift it to a child or teenager in one of our over 1,500 recipient organizations.  Feel free to share the image on this page on your blog or website with a link to The I AM Foundation’s ordering page. Here is the web address:

Thank you for helping The I AM Foundation strengthen our children and build a world that works for everyone!



  1. We love those books! Thank you for coming last Sunday.

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