Posted by: The I AM Foundation | December 23, 2011

The Valley of The Moon Children’s Center, Santa Rosa, CA Receives Books for The Kids

The Valley of The Moon Children’s Center, Santa Rosa, CA received a gift of one thousand dollars worth of books, posters and curriculum from The I AM Foundation on Thursday, December 22nd, 2012. Image

Photo taken by Social Media Publicist Celeste Winders of

On hand to receive the gifts were Valley of The Moon Children’s Center Board Member Julie Atwood of Julie Atwood Events and The Center’s Program Development Manager, Meg Easter-Dawson.

“We are so grateful to The I AM Foundation for the gifts of their affirmation books for kids which fits in perfectly to our program. We are teaching the kids about the importance of valuing themselves and feeling good about themselves. So these gifts are very much appreciated.” shares board member Julie Atwood. “Thank you for your support of the children at our center. The kids will love the books and we can really use them here.” says The Center’s Program Development Manager Meg Easter-Dawson.

On hand to present the gifts to the center were Cydney Martin, a representative of The I AM Foundation, and The I AM Foundation’s Founder, CEO and Children’s Author Steve Viglione. “It is an amazing place with an amazing program. The love and the quality of care that is given here just makes you feel so good. These children who have had such a hard road so early in their lives now have such a wonderful facility to go to. It is with great joy we are able to present 100 of our affirmation books, posters and curriculum to The Valley of The Moon Children’s Center. And it is our intention that these gifts support the kids in knowing their true value. That no matter what they have been through they know they are valuable and they are important to the world…I believe everyone in Sonoma Valley and outside of Sonoma Valley needs to realize what an incredible place there is here for children. Thank you to the board and all the people who make this possible for the kids. It’s a fantastic place.” states Steve Viglione.

Connecting the dots…how this happened was all thanks to social media! Steve Viglione and Julie Atwood connected on Facebook recently. Then Steve saw that Julie was on the Board of Directors at The Valley of The Moon Children’s Foundation.  Then The I AM Foundation created a 48 hour “Like” Campaign on Facebook, and with the supporters of The I AM Foundation’s Facebook Page, Valley of The Moon Children’s Center and friends of Julie Atwood Events they achieved their goal of gifting 100 books to the kids at the center… “For up to 100 people and for every person who Liked our page, we donated a book to The Valley of The Moon’s Children’s Center.”  says Cydney Martin of The I AM Foundation. Cydney heads up community partnerships for The I AM Foundation with sponsors and business’s who want to increase their visibility on Facebook via “Page Likes” while making a difference in the community.

From The Valley of The Moon Foundation’s Website…The Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, which is Sonoma County’s only 24-hour emergency shelter for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.  Since completing the new home in 2009, the Foundation has been able to shift our focus to supporting new programs and opportunities for Sonoma County’s at risk youth.  Included in the Foundation’s 2010 completed projects at the Valley of the Moon Children’s Center are a state of the art covered playground structure, computer lab and a fully stocked resource library.  These projects provide much-needed enhancements to the recreational and educational programs at the Center. For more information please visit

The I AM Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit whose mission is gifting life changing books and music. Since 1998, the foundation has gifted and distributed over 1.1 million books and products around the world and in every state of the U.S.  For more information visit


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