Posted by: The I AM Foundation | December 13, 2011

There are Angels among us…How Volunteers Make an Impact at Christmastime

This photo of our dear friend Jessica Conti was featured in USA Today as she gifted I AM! Affirmation Books, food and supplies to the homeless children and people of Los Angeles at Christmas time two years ago.

“When I look at this photo of me gifting the I AM Affirmation books to the many many (thousands) of families in LA that year…it brings me to tears of joy. I still hold that feeling of compassion with me each and every day. It was a cold, rainy day…and the volunteers weathered a long and rewarding day, warm from our hearts overflowing with love. I witnessed a little girl receive this book, it may have been one of her only Christmas presents that year, but probably the best gift of her life. She opened it to the page “I AM Worthy”, and there was a look on her face I will never forget. I assume that she rarely hears those words. She loved the rainbow picture…it brought a smile to her face and a look in her eyes I will never forget. I remember the rainbow, because when I saw her open the book and see that page…I said to her, “maybe a rainbow will come out today.” Thank you for sharing this memory. – Jessica Conti, I AM Foundation Volunteer


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