Posted by: The I AM Foundation | September 30, 2011

SAIC E2I Group Sponsors I Am The Earth Books for Casa de Ampara

Shari Simon of SAIC E2I Group


Steve, Marilyn, Sponsors and The I AM Foundation:

“Thank you again for the books from your foundation. The managers of our programs were very excited to receive them. They said that the inspirational message found in the books was perfect to give to our kids!”

Cassie Coke (formerly Barth)

Development Associate

Casa de Amparo

Treating and Preventing

Child Abuse and Neglect

Thank you again to The SAIC E2I Group in San Diego, CA who sponsored 200 I Am The Earth Love Wisdom Series Books for the children of Casa de Ampara. This sponsorship also plants 200 Trees through The Arbor Day Foundation.  View Thank You Letter from Arbor Day Foundation here:  The I Am Foundation Sep 2011 For every I Am The Earth Book sponsored, The I AM Foundation plants a tree on behalf of the child receiving it.

Established in 1978, Casa de Amparo has been treating and preventing child abuse and neglect in San Diego County for over 30 years. Casa de Amparo is a vivid example of the difference a few can make in addressing a large and challenging need. Our founders were a small group of local women concerned about domestic violence and the welfare of children.  Led by an official of the Women’s Resource Center, and supported by local police, this small team pushed for a crisis nursery for children affected by or at risk of child abuse…and Casa de Amparo was born. Visit Casa de Amparo at

The Energy, Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit (E2I BU) recently provided financial support to help develop a book that teaches children about being stewards of the earth. The book, called I Am the Earth: Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet, will be given to children (on behalf of SAIC) locally and globally through The I AM Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. SAIC is acknowledged in the back of the book.

SAIC E2I Group Staff

The E2I BU’s Social Responsibility Committee (SRC), which sponsors many community support projects, especially those that involve environmental science, provided the seed money to create and publish the book.

Shari L. Simon, E2I BU subcontracts manager, requested the donation from the SRC. “My involvement with the community is very important to me,” said Simons. “My passion to help children believe in themselves and to be great caretakers of our planet is what prompted my commitment to support The I AM Foundation. I am extremely grateful to SAIC and the committee for their support in publishing this very important and timely book.”

Thanks to E2I BU’s contribution to The I AM Foundation, 200 books were gifted to children at Casa de Ampara. For more information about sponsoring I Am The Earth for children, please contact The I AM Foundation.


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