Posted by: The I AM Foundation | September 9, 2011

North Dallas High School Receives Teen Books

The I AM Foundation has received and fulfilled this request from The North Dallas High School.  A classroom set of 30 I AM! Affirmation Books for Teens and Young Adults are being gifted to 30 teens at this school.

“I work at a low socioeconomic high school in Dallas, TX with a newly implemented program targeting African American students who are under-achieving in many high stakes areas. The greatest disparities lie in the areas of math and science. Many of the students are members of a single parent household or are in the custody of another family member or group home. This program could broaden the horizons of these students to what can be possible rather than focusing on a dismal reality of the streets by dropping out and giving up because they may feel like there’s no other choice for them. These students have so much potential with very little faith in themselves, others or their future. Role models like Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Hill Harper, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin and Coretta Scott King and Tavis Smiley to name a few have stories very similar to theirs which can allow them to see some promise through a kindredness they may not otherwise know. Books like Letters to a Young Brother or Letters to a Yong Sister by Hill Harper may speak to them in a very profound way. I believe in my kids and pray for their defining moment that will turn their nighttime weeping into morning joy! Thank you for this opportunity.” – Gina Roberts, Teacher

The I AM Foundation was able to gift these books because of the Dallas CSL Bookstore purchasing books from The I AM Foundation’s Love~Wisdom Series through our Buy One, Gift One Program. For every book purchased on our site or wholesale, we gift books to children, teens, young adults or adults worldwide. Thank you Dallas CSL Bookstore!

Follow up from our original post on 9/27/11 From the North Dallas High School

Mr. Viglione,

Thank you so much for selecting my group to receive such a valuable gift…self affirmation and self-respect. We will utilize the lessons to mend the broken spirits and edify those who are beginning to feel the cracks in their foundation. May God continue to bless you and your foundation as you all continue to serve.

Very Respectfully,
Gina R. Roberts

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