Posted by: The I AM Foundation | September 1, 2011

Jefferson Center for Mental Health in Arvada CO Seeks Support

The I AM Foundation has received a request for 450 I AM! Affirmation Books from Judith Beshel at the Jefferson Center for Mental Health in Arvada CO. The I AM Foundation is gifting 40 I AM! Teen and Young Adult Affirmation Books sponsored by our Points of Light Kathy and Ken Casey and we are inviting other sponsors who would like to support this clinic in receiving books. If you are interested in sponsoring please see the Sponsorship Levels below or please contact us or call 619.297.7010.

Remember you can also raise money to support this effort. Get creative by having a home party, getting a group to help or inspiring teens to do a fundraiser. So there are many ways you can make a difference.

Sponsorship Levels: Level 1 Ten Dollars sponsors 2 children or 4 teens in receiving books, Level 2 Twenty Five Dollars sponsors 6 children or 10 teens, Level 3 Fifty Dollars sponsors 12 children or 20 teens, Level 4 One hundred dollars sponsors 25 children or 40 teens, Level 5 Two hundred Fifty dollar donation sponsors 60 children or 120 teens and a Point of Light (raise or donate one thousand dollars) will sponsor  250 children or 500 teens in receiving I AM! Affirmation Books.  Make your sponsorship donation here and specify for Jefferson Center for Mental Health in Arvada CO and children or teens on your form.

Request from Judith:

I am a licensed clinical social worker for a nonprofit community mental health center. I have been trying to teach the affirmations in age appropriate ways to the kids to whom I provide services. I have 80 Medicaid children and adolescents on my caseload, and the other 7 therapists have close to that as well. Colorado ranks 3rd in adolescents attempting suicide in the last 2 years. I believe the affirmation books could make a real difference.  Thank you.

Thank you to our Points of Light Kathy and Ken Casey who sponsored books for this recipient

Ken and Kathy Casey and their KC2 The World Travel are Points of Light in The I AM Foundation’s Points of Light Campaign. They have been Points of Light for many years. Their business is also a signature sponsor of The I AM Foundation’s next publication I Am Healthy! Affirmations for Health and Well Being. 

Whenever you book your travel through their website you are supporting book gifting to children around the globe. Please support Ken and Kathy who are generously supporting The I AM Foundation. Book your travel or visit them at


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