Posted by: The I AM Foundation | August 16, 2011

Gifts for The Buddy Cruise

We’ve helped a lot of organizations through the years and this one really feels good. The I AM Foundation donated 100 copies of I Am The Earth to The Buddy Cruise Inc. sponsored by The I AM Foundation’s 2011 Points of Light Campaign Donors. Also gifted was The I Am The Earth Companion CD, Sheet Music and Curriculum for the Buddy Cruise.

About Buddy Cruise

Jason KinksleyBuddy Cruise Inc. is a not for profit organization serving families and friends of individuals with Down syndrome on a national level. It is our purpose to provide education and promote public awareness of Down syndrome by arranging and conducting special events, namely cruises. These events will be a forum for prominent educational speakers addressing a wide range of Down syndrome and disability related topics. We encourage self-advocate sessions. Buddy Cruise, ideally, will set sail each October, National Down syndrome awareness month, to honor those who are touched by Down syndrome.

A message from Holly Caulfield: We are requesting 100 copies of your book I Am The Earth to give out at our event in Oct.  16th approx 100 families from around the country will set sail on Buddy Cruise. Buddy Cruise is a week long onboard conference/retreat for families of individuals with DS. I know our participants with and without DS will be thrilled to get a copy of your book. This is Holly Caulfield submitting this on behalf of Pam Arnoldson and Buddy Cruise Inc. I saw the joy on the faces of the children (and adults) in Kenya when Steve and Marilyn hand delivered copies of I AM to ea. of the children. We\’d love to see those same smiles on the faces of those onboard Buddy Cruise 2011. Our participants range from newborn to seniors with a equally wide range of reading levels

For more information on The Buddy Cruise, please visit:


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