Posted by: The I AM Foundation | August 10, 2011

Affirmation Books Donated to Guayaki Tribe

Thanks to I AM Foundation Program Director Christopher Oscar, I AM! Affirmation and I Am The Earth Books were gifted to the Guayaki Tribe in South America via the Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Tea Company in California.

According to Wikipedia The Aché (pronounced /ɑːˈtʃeɪ/ ah-chay) Indians are a traditional hunter-gatherer tribe living inParaguay. They are called “Guayakí” by Guaraní-speaking neighbors and in early anthropological accounts. The earliest published reports (Lozano 1873-74 summary of Jesuit accounts in the 17th century)[1] about the Aché refer to them as “Guajagui”, a term based on the Guaraní root “Guaja” (= enemy tribe, or brother-in-law) and “gui” a common Aché suffix (meaning “essence of” or “having the property of”). The Aché language provides clues to their origin. Current analysis suggests that it is a Tupí-Guaraní lexicon, overlaid on a unique grammar structure not found in sister Guaraní languages. Genetic analyses suggest that the Aché are a group of mixed biological origin containing about 60-65% Tupí-Guaraní genes and 35-40% of their genes with affinities to the Jé language family[2]. The Aché are also culturally and biologically distinct from the neighboring Guarani. Early descriptions of the Aché emphasized their white skin, light eye and hair color, beards, Asiatic features, and practice of cannibalism as identifying characteristics. Their subsistence practices and technology were considered extremely simple, and nomadism made them secretive and evasive.

For more information on the tribe go to:

Special thanks to the Guayaki Tribe via the Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Tea Company who give a percentage of their drinks to help the rain forest. Guayakí is fueled by Solar Power too. For more information about them go to:


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