Posted by: The I AM Foundation | June 23, 2011

Donate Your iPhone and Gift Books to Kids!

Donate Your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry to The I AM Foundation and Gift a Classroom of Kids a Set of Books. 

The I AM Foundation, a 13 year old  501c3 educational non-profit is accepting used or new iPhones, iPads and BlackBerry Smartphone’s as donations to empower its book gifting program. When you donate your device, The I AM Foundation will gift a set of children’s books to a classroom, school or organization. The I AM Foundation has over 1,500 recipient schools and organizations to gift to.

Your iPhone or BlackBerry donation will support a classroom of children in the U.S. or abroad in receiving books that contribute to their literacy and build their self-esteem. Your iPad donation will support 100 children in receiving books.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I receive a tax deduction for my iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry  donation?

Yes, The I AM Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and your contribution qualifies as a non-cash or in-kind charitable donation. You will receive a thank you letter for your donation which will serve as your receipt. As the donor of a non-cash charitable item, you are responsible for assessing the value of your contribution when you file your taxes.

What do I need to do before sending it?

  1. Make sure you terminate your service. You don’t want a bill showing up after the phone is no longer in your possession, especially if someone starts using it! Talk to your service provider about terminating your account or setting up your account with your new phone.
  2. Erase the memory and stored data. This is very easy to do. There are number of tutorials online or you can use Phone Data Eraser!
  3. Keep your SIM card. Your SIM card identifies you to the network and keeps track personal info like text messages and your address book. You should keep your SIM card and enter it into a your new phone.

How do I package my iPhone?

If you still have the original box that the phone came in, then please place the phone inside and send it to one of our offices in La Jolla or Sonoma, CA (addresses below) Please include powerchord, headphones, and cases if you have them. If you do not have the original box then please send the iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry in a appropriate size box. We recommend sending your device via US Priority Mail since they have standard size boxes and to ensure proper delivery. Include your email on a business card or contact sheet in the box. We will send you an email with the tax-donation letter to acknowledge receipt of your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry which will serve as your tax deduction.

Please send your device to:

The I AM Foundation
7825 Fay Avenue Suite #200
La Jolla, CA 92037
Can I contribute other technology hardware?

The iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry devices are the only devices we are accepting at this time.

How can I see the good my donation made once I donate? The I AM Foundation will include in your acknowledgment email which school, classroom or organization received a classroom set of children’s books for your donation.

The I AM Foundation maintains this blog which acknowledges each donation to a school or organization that we make. The classroom, school or organization impacted by your donation will be listed here.

For any other questions or to get involved with the program please contact us at  or call us at 619.297.7010 or 707.343.1437.  Thanks so much!!


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