Posted by: The I AM Foundation | May 24, 2011

The I AM Foundation presents Suzanne E. Harrill, M. Ed. on Self-Esteem

There is someone I want you to know about who has written several empowering books, Suzanne E. Harrill. Her two new books reflect much wisdom gathered from 30 years in private practice as a therapist and a lifetime of doing her own inner work. Her books parallel the intentions of The I AM Foundation to help humanity heal low self-esteem. This allows others to live a meaningful life and have rich, healthy relationships. Suzanne’s book Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem is an important read for any teenager.

With so many teens facing self-esteem issues which can affect the choices they make each day, I encourage you to purchase this book for a teen you love. – Steve Viglione, Founder and CEO, The I AM Foundation

The Harrill Solution – Secrets for Successful Relationships Revealed has a powerful twist to most books on the subject. Any dilemma you find yourself in – whether married and wish you weren’t, not married and wish you were, wanting more from a tired unfulfilling relationship, or have problems relating with your boss, peers, parents, grown children, or ex-partner – the solution is the same. Know and Love Yourself to build a strong, self-aware foundation for your life. This book guides you through the process necessary to build this strong foundation, how to learn from all your relationships, how to build strong, healthy, caring relationships with the people in your life, and how to deepen meaning and purpose in your life.

The second book is a mini book, Simple Secrets for Building Self-Esteem and Finding Your True Self. This small book is amazing. It can change your life with a quick read. Suzanne gifted the I Am Foundation with 500 copies of this book. I am happy to help her get this book into the hands of those who will benefit from its message.

Suzanne E. Harrill has a rich website: Here you can learn more about her, order her books, or sign up for her free on-line newsletter to spark the inner journey. These books are changing lives. Check out Suzanne Says on her blog at Email her your relationship or self-discovery questions.

Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed.

Licensed Counselor/Coach

Author: Seed Thoughts for Loving Yourself, Inner Fitness,
Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem, Enlightening Cinderella


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