Posted by: The I AM Foundation | May 2, 2011

A Gift for All Unity People’s Convention Attendees June 2011

The I AM Foundation is honored to give the gift of The Bridge: A Seven Stage Map to Redefine Your Life and Purpose at this year’s Unity People’s Convention in June, 2011 at Unity Village in Missouri. Over 700 attendees will be receiving the gift. “We are so grateful to be able to do this for every conference attendee this year. We trust that everyone who receives this book is blessed in some way.”  says Dr. Marilyn Powers, Author and Co-Founder of The I AM Foundation. And Kim Shawd, Unity Event Coordinator says ” Thanks for all you do to support our movement. We do appreciate you!”

A special thanks to Debbie Ball and Bud Mosley for their support for the gifting at this conference. And, also a special thanks to KK, Kim Shawd’s grand-daughter, who helped place a gift label inside the books for the conference. Thank you Debbie, Bud, Kim and KK!

If you are attending this year’s conference, please make sure you receive your gift bag with a copy of The Bridge.  This book is created to empower people moving through major changes or life transitions related to career, relationships, geographical moves, loss of a loved one or illness. The Bridge supports the dynamic healing and transformation needed, personally and collectively, at this time in history.

The Bridge can be used for  workshops, classes or groups.  If you are interested in talking directly to the author about how it would best support you or your community, please call Dr. Marilyn Powers at 1.707.343.1437.  Additional copies may be obtained online at, by calling us at 1.707.343.1437 or through DeVorss & Co.

There is The Bridge Companion Workbook that also supports The Bridge being taught in classes and groups available through The I AM Foundation.

This is a gift valued at over twelve thousand dollars to The Unity Movement sponsored by The I AM Foundation’s Points of Light Donors. 


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