Posted by: The I AM Foundation | April 21, 2011

I AM Foundation gifts I AM! Affirmation Books in Pondicherry, India

As I landed in India my heart was filled with joy not only to connect with my family but also share the I AM Affirmation Books Discover the Value of Who You Are with children of India.

I spent many days visiting various schools in the Pondicherry area and talked to many school teachers and principals. Everyone loved the book and wanted every child in their school to have the book. They insisted on the magic in the words so wonderfully coined by our Founder Steve Viglione of The I AM Foundation. Unfortunately I was also approaching these schools who were in their final weeks prior to their summer vacations with almost all schools having “exams” to finish their current academic year. So I was advised to wait till beginning of June when schools reopened to have the I AM Affirmation Books distributed. As my vacation was only for a month,I was sad that I might not be able to distribute the books to the kids of Pondicherry.

It was then Steve Viglione told me to let it go and maybe my parents could distribute them in June after I left. As I shared his request with my dad, my father was delighted at the proposal and also wanted to see if he could connect with his friend whose son had a school for poor children. So just one day before my departure from India back to the US, my father had arranged with Mr. Satianandame the co-founder of the Maruthi school to have the I AM Affirmation books distributed there.

So here I was at Maruthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School talking to all the teachers, and the principal who all loved the I AM Affirmation books and wanted to have each of the kids have one (although I had 25 when there was 300 students). I also wanted to talk with the kids and make sure they wanted and desired to have the books. As usual all the kids loved it and started flipping the pages and reading to themselves and having some hearty times being reminded of who they are inside. Also my sister who lives in Birmingham, UK wanted to contribute financially to a school and so my father donated on her behalf Rs 5000 for the well being of the children and buying school supplies.

So it was fun seeing joyful faces as kids received them and reading them even though they were in the midst of their exams.
Loved knowing I AM Foundation is making an impact and I am part of it.

Prem Carnot


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