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A Random Act of Kindness In The Aftermath of the Tragedy in Tucson, AZ

Expressions of Love and Random Acts of Kindness In The Aftermath of the Tragedy in Tucson, AZ

Dear friends of The I AM Foundation and Blog Visitors,

A few weeks after the Tucson, AZ shooting on January 8th, 2011, The I AM Foundation received a phone call from Sonoma Resident and Realtor Christopher Oscar.  Chris asked if he could gift The I AM! Affirmation Book to all the children in Christina Taylor-Green’s classroom at the Mesa Verde Elementary School in Tucson.  We were touched that he was thinking of all Christina’s class mates and how much they must be suffering from this terrible tragedy.

After calling the school and asking permission, Chris Oscar ordered and shipped 50 of The I AM! Affirmation Books to Christina’s classmates. A few weeks later, Chris received an incredible thank you note from Christina’s Teacher Kathie DeKnikker and all of the classmates. The thank you note said “Thank you for your kind words, You helped us during a very sad time. And thank you for you generous donation of the I AM books. They are greatly appreciated!” – Mrs. Dee’s Class. What made the note extraordinarily special was that Christina’s butterfly which she drew was on the front of it. (The picture of it is in this post.)

This was a beautiful act of kindness from Chris Oscar and we so appreciate his generous spirit and thoughtfulness for children he never met.  Also, we so appreciate his compassion for the kids during a time of tremendous pain and loss. Coincidentally, Chris gave this gift during Random Acts of Kindness Week. Thank you Christopher Oscar. To contact Chris Oscar visit

The Los Angeles Dodgers have set up a Memorial Fund in Christina’s name. Please see the end of this article if you’d like to make a donation to it.

The I AM! Affirmation Book has served tens of thousands of children around the world after great tragedies.

The I AM! Affirmation Book has supported children around the world at times of great tragedy.  After a 2nd Grader’s mother was murdered in San Diego, CA  (Marjorie MacKenzie’s Class at the Bayview Elementary School) his teacher, Miss Marjorie, worked with the book daily for his healing and comfort.

In 2006, The I AM Foundation was invited to the country of Sri Lanka by the Consul General, Jeff M. Goonewardena and The President and First Lady of Sri Lanka to gift The I AM! Affirmation Book and school supplies to over 100,000 children after the Tsunami of 2004.

In 2007, Jeff Goonewardena, the Consul General of Sri Lanka again joined The I AM Foundation to help gift part of 50,000 books and I AM! Affirmation Books to help the children after Katrina in the Gulf States.

In 2008, After the tribal slaying’s in Kenya, where children saw their parents being killed before their eyes, The I AM! Affirmation Book served 17,000 kids as an instrument of healing and love while they picked up the pieces of their lives to move on.

Also in 2008, fifteen years after the Bosnian-Croatian war, over 10,000 people in Croatia and Bosnia embraced the gift of an I AM! Affirmation Book which they said supported both the adults and the children who were still suffering from the tragedies of the war. And after the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Hurricane Katrina, The I AM! Affirmation Book again served tens of thousands of children to help them deal with those tragedies as well.

In 2010, in Sonoma, CA a child whose mother was jailed and father deported, received an I AM! Affirmation Book and support to go with it from Maricarmen Luz Reyes, Coordinator of Educational Programs/ Family Advocate at La Luz Center of Sonoma.  Over 1,000 low-income families in Sonoma and in Mexico were also gifted The I AM! Affirmation Book because of the generosity of Christopher Oscar at Century 21 Wine Country. To contact Chris Oscar visit

The I AM Foundation stands committed to the children of the world in good times and in tragic times.

For more information on Christina Taylor-Green, here is an excerpt from the Washington Post article on her:

On January 8, 2011, Christina Taylor-Green who was born on September 11th, 2001, was shot and killed in Tucson, AZ. She was one of six people fatally shot. U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was reported to be the target of the shootings. President Barack Obama called the shooting an “unspeakable tragedy”. Christina was also the grand-daughter of Major League Baseball player and manager Dallas Green.

According to The Washington Post, Christina, a budding elementary school politician, was the youngest among the six killed in Saturday’s shooting. The 9-year-old, who had big brown eyes and long brown hair, recently had been elected to her student council. She went with a family friend to see Giffords speak, a way to learn more about serving in government.

“Christina Green was a wonderful child,” said her teacher, Kathie DeKnikker. “She had not only the energy and enthusiasm of a typical third-grader but also maturity and insight that most children don’t attain until much later.”

Memorial Fund for Dodger Scout’s Daughter

ladodgers.jpgIn response to the overwhelming offers of support for the family of Los Angeles Dodgers scout John Green after the tragic death of their daughter Christina in Saturday’s gruesome attack on Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon, the Dodgers have created a special email address ( where family, friends and Angelenos can send their thoughts and condolences. The Green family has also created a charitable memorial fund to honor the memory of their daughter. You can make a donation to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in Christina’s name to show your support.


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