Posted by: The I AM Foundation | February 19, 2011

Joy: A Simple Choice by David Ridge

Many of us are embraced by fear, imprisoned by grievances, and isolated from joy. Yet this prison we have built that confines us in our fear-filled, peeved experience is not as we imagine it. Our potential experience of constant joy is realized simply by our choice to have it. Consciously applying sensational forgiveness frees us from this prison of our own making and shows us the prison door is – and always has been – unlocked, ready for our immediate escape.

Easily learned and quickly applied, sensational forgivenessis a powerful tool for healing any situation or relationship.Joy: A Simple Choice teaches the benefits of this method in a short, easy-to-read e-book readily available as a digital download.

The Kindle Bookstore was chosen as the distributor because it supports multiple digital platforms: the Kindle Reader, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and PC (a Windows Kindle Reader application is available for free download), making it immediately accessible day or night through these electronic devices. This distribution channel also makes this life-changing material available at a modest price of $2.99.

David Ridge is a writer and leader of Living Water Spiritual Community in Arvada, CO. His twenty-five-plus years in the computer industry gives him substantial real-world experience applying forgiveness in a wide variety of situations. To learn more about David Ridge and his book Joy; A Simple ChoiceVisit David Ridge by clicking here.

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