Posted by: The I AM Foundation | February 16, 2011

Children’s Books Donated to Earth Roots Field School

Thanks to Revs. Sandy and Kirk Moore and their congregation at The Center for Spiritual Living Orange County in Mission Viejo, CA, sponsorship of 75 children’s affirmation books were donated by The I AM Foundation to The Earth Roots Field School. A donation of over $800.00 in I AM! Affirmation and I Am The Earth books was gifted as a result of the book signing at The Center for Spiritual Loving in Orange County (CSLOC).

When Steve and Marilyn Co-Founders of The I AM Foundation, are invited as guest speakers and do a book signing at a participating venue; for every book purchased for donation, their program gifts a book to an organization chosen by the hosting organization (in this case CSLOC.) On Sunday, January 16th, 2011, CSLOC congregants and members purchased 75 copies of books from The I AM Foundation’s Love~Wisdom Series. So that meant 75 books were gifted to Earth Roots Field School. Earth Roots is a non-profit education organization, offering creative learning environments that nurture the whole person and their connection with the natural world.

The school offers classes year round for toddlers, homeschoolers, teens, adults, private and public schools and summer camps. Local organic farms, gardens, wilderness parks, green kitchens, beaches, creeks are our outdoor classrooms. This school is an exploration of our natural world and extends into our connection with all things. Orange County programs meet at new locations each week, ranging from San Clemente to Huntington Beach and east into the Santa Ana Mountains. Each year, they also travel out of our region for family camping trips & adventure. For more information visit their website. or contact Jodi Levine, Executive Director at Earthroots Field School, P.O. Box 504, Tabuco Canyon, CA 92678, (949) 400-3340,

Click here to visit The Center for Spiritual Living Orange County (CSLOC) who are committed to building a world that serves everyone.

For more information on The Love~Wisdom Series visit The I AM Foundation’s website at



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