Posted by: The I AM Foundation | January 12, 2011

Jamaica’s Childrens Fund Receives Books to Gift at Christmas!

 Update 8/10/12 – The I AM Foundation is donating 100 copies of I Am Healthy! and The I AM! Affirmation Books for Teens for Book Gifting in Jamaica for the 2012 Christmas season. Thank you to Gayle Brock of The YMCA Corporate Office and the Jamaica’s Children’s Fund for gifting these books to the children of Jamaica.
Dear Steve, Marilyn and The I AM Foundation, I just wanted to thank you once again for so generously supporting the Jamaican Children’s Fund Mission group of Cincinnati through your donation of children’s books (The I AM! Affirmation Book and I Am The Earth) as we ministered to the children of Montego Bay, Jamaica.
This year in Montego Bay, our mission group made 14 visitations of schools, an orphanage, hospital, hospice and home for developmentally disabled childrenreaching nearly 700.  We are blessed each year to be lead by the Kiwanis Club of Jamaica who usher us to each location and arrange for the visitations of the schools/locations who are in such need.  This is the 12th year the Jamaican Children’s Fund has been a blessing to the children of Jamaica and I am so pleased God called me to be a part as well.  Thanks to you, your donors and The I AM Foundation, this is the first time children and teachers were presented with the gift of books.
The school that received the shipment of books was Bruce Hall, which is located in a village in the rural hills outside of Montego Bay.  As you might imagine, the area is quite impoverished providing minimal supplies for the children.  Ms. Cheryl Hunt, co-founder of the Jamaican Children’s Fund, choose to provide the books to this location as a special blessing to aid the teachers further in their dedicated work towards educating their children for the brightest future.
Just as an overview of our process, when we visit each location, our Kiwanis Club guides share the purpose of our visit.  Missionary leaders introduce our group to the teachers and students.  Teachers like to gather the children to welcome us by singing joyous Christmas songs as their gift.  Then, a missionary leads the classroom in prayer and a second missionary delivers a creative message to the children about the story of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.  (I presented a message about the little drummer boy and we all drummed on the desks as our gift to the Lord. J )  Following the children’s ministry message, we distribute toys to the children and spend time playing and interacting with our new friends until it is time to depart for the next site.  At Bruce Hall, we not only distributed toys, but we presented the books which were so greatly appreciated by the children and teachers.  There were approximately 65 children at Bruce Hall who were able to enjoy being read to that day.  In the last photo attached you can see my smiling face amidst the sea of lovely children.
Words cannot express the joy in the eyes of the children and the gratefulness of the teachers. You may be aware that for each child at the schools we visit, the toy we bring is most often the only Christmas gift they will receive.  It was a privilege to also present a creative book to enhance their learning about the environment and themselves.  On our trip we do not only deliver toys.  At the orphanage, home for developmentally disabled children and hospice, we also deliver needed supplies like diapers, clothes, toilet paper, tooth paste, hugs and much prayer.  God not only uses us to minister to His children, but He delivers a message to each missionary and returns us home different from the way we were when we arrived.
Again, I just wanted express my sincere thanks on behalf of the Jamaican Children’s Fund and share with you about our December, 2010 mission trip.   The books you facilitated us receiving were so wonderful.   With your help…look what God has done.
Bless you and thank you for all you do…so the children may be well.
Gayle A. Brock
Youth Development Specialist
Membership Support and Program Services
826 E. Mitchell Avenue – Cincinnati, Ohio  45229
(P) 513-221-3537   (C) 312 339-2169   (F) 513-221-0250
(E) (W) ymca.netThe Y: We’re for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

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