Posted by: The I AM Foundation | December 18, 2010

“My Choice”- A Children’s Book about empowering your child when the father is absent

Christina Smith has written a children’s book called, “My Choice.”  It has a positive message that I think should be shared with the world.  Check it out here. Christina has found a creative solution to get her book funded.

She has chosen to align herself with a strong & ethical company, that can potentially save money on most individuals’ phone/internet/wireless bills.  If this is something that would interest you, you can contact her here, to talk about the possibilities.  To find out more about her book, click here.

“Christina Smith has penned a compelling and honest children’s book which forthrightly talks about the emotional pain children feel when deliberately abandoned by a parent.  Adults grappling with the emotional fall-out caused by the actions of this absent parent will find wisdom, comfort, and support sharing this book with their children. The story highlights the power of choice in a way that is understandable and empowering for children who struggle with the emotional trauma of being left behind by one who is supposed to care for them.”

Leah Klungness, Ph.D.
Psychologist, co-author of The Complete Single Mother

“This is an invaluable book for single parents and children, to empower them with choice, rather then for them to be a victim of circumstances.”  

– Steve Viglione and Dr. Marilyn Powers, Co-Founders of The I AM Foundation




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