Posted by: The I AM Foundation | November 11, 2010

Sabang Elementary School, Puerto Galera, the Philippines

Well, after six days of diving fantastic coral reefs and seeing the most bizarre and unusual sea creatures, (fish, snakes, eels, nudibranchs, crinoids, octopus, and who-knows-what!), I am preparing to visit Sabang Elementary School here in Puerto Galera, which is on the island of Mindoro, the 7th largest in the Philippines.  I learned the children there bring a chair at the beginning of the school year because the school has no chairs for them.  Already the staff at the Atlantis Dive Resort are asking about the book and I have given them copies for their children.  There are seven other people from the dive trip going with me today at 3:30 to visit the school and gift The I AM! Affirmation Book to the 527 children there.  One is my brother Larry, from Deerfield Beach, FL.  He is a respiratory therapist who works with special needs children in South Florida.  The divemaster who has taken us on our dives is named Bala and he is also going with us! He has three children at the school.  There is also a local videographer going along so I hope to capture the experience for you to share with us on video.

We will be traveling over there in a jeepney. I will try to post a photo or two now and of course you will see lots of photos later today when we have returned.  Until then…….!



  1. Great work for the kids Leslie! Also, glad you are enjoying the wonderful ocean.

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