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Sponsor Proposal to Gift Books to Children and Families of The Philippine’s

Sponsor Proposal to Gift The I AM! Affirmation Book

To Children and Families of The Philippine’s

Target Dates:  November 15-16-17, 2010

Who: The I AM Foundation was founded in the United States in 1998 by Steve Viglione.  It is a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation. This organization was founded on the principles of generosity and giving.   Its mission is gifting books to children worldwide for the purpose of building self-esteem, self-worth, and literacy. We are committed to the development of children’s awareness and integration of their fundamental value and worth as human beings.

Communities can support the development of self-esteem and dual-language literacy by teaching children they are important and valuable regardless of who they are or where they live.

What: The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are, is the instrument that helps children discover their value so they may bring their value to the world. “I am” is an affirmation that helps children validate, value, respect, love and accept themselves as worthy.  This affirmation can be an essential step in the process of building self-esteem and help bring peace in the world. As a child feels love and respect for themselves, they can then feel love and respect for others.

The I AM! Affirmation Book has 157,000 copies in print and has been translated into 42 languages. The book and program was endorsed by The First Lady of Sri Lanka who said “Children are the key to a future positive society and reading and self-esteem are the building blocks.”

Where: The Foundation is planning book gifting events in Manilla, The Philippine’s. The I AM Foundation will print the book in the country where it will be given out so it contributes to the local economy.  Once the book is printed, The I AM Foundation’s representative will visit the selected schools, orphanages, or children’s centers to meet the leader/principal and request permission to give the book to the children there. The book gifting is then scheduled; it normally takes between one to two hours, and is planned so it does not interfere with essential school activities.

During the book gifting process, children are led through an exercise where everyone states positive affirmations after the words, “I am…” so they hear and feel the affirmations.  Through this experience, they have an opportunity to understand the value of respect for others, loving oneself, and accepting differences.   They are gifted a copy of the book, written in both English and Tagalog, to keep and read in school and at home.  The book gifting is accomplished as a celebration, with parents and community invited to participate.

Impact: The people served by this partnership would include approximately 1000 students, teachers, and staff in selected schools, children’s centers, and/or orphanages in the greater Manila area.   The recipients of the book gifting may be selected through the recommendation of the sponsoring organization. We appreciate a focus on those schools where resources are few and children struggle with education due to a lack of funding for school supplies, teachers, books, and other educational materials.

How Much: From Partnering Sponsors we are requesting five dollars per child or five thousand dollars in total program support to bring The I AM! Affirmation Book and program to children at select elementary schools in Manila, the Philippine’s. This amount will impact more then one thousand children and families. As the 1,000 books are shared within the community, the impact spreads in a greater way.

This one time investment per child can make a profound lifetime impact on a child in the Philippine’s. It can plant the seeds to support children in making a transition out of a life of poverty.

The sponsoring organization will be recognized on The I AM Foundation blog, social media if that meets their needs.  In addition, the local media will be invited to a book gifting at a school in Manila to highlight the sponsor’s support of the healthy development of children in the community.  The Signature or Partnering Sponsorship Organization of 1,000 books or more can also receive a full page ad inside the book, copy needs to be provided on a timely basis.

Sponsoring such a cause as building the self-worth and literacy of children in a community brings respect, honor, and increased business to the organization who wishes to demonstrate through actions that they are committed to the well being and education of children.

Sponsorship Levels:

Signature Sponsor: 2,000 children @ five dollars per child or Ten thousand dollars

Partnering Sponsor: 1,000 children @ five dollars per child or Five thousand dollars

Regional Sponsor: 500 children @ five dollars per child or Twenty-five hundred dollars

Point of Light Sponsor: 200 children @ five dollars per child or One thousand dollars

Special Note: If the total sponsorships reaches 2,500 children or more The I AM Foundation will

increase by 50% the number of children we impact. For example 2,500 children will become 3,750.

You can see The I AM! Affirmation Book online and learn more about the I AM Foundation by going to the following link:

Please email:

Leslie K. Brown,

Program Support and Facilitation

The I AM Foundation/Truckee Chapter

P.O. Box 86

Truckee, Ca 96162

011-530-386-7032      Skype address:   leslie.k.brown


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