Posted by: The I AM Foundation | October 7, 2010

Africa Schools of Kenya and Maasai Children Receive Books

Update from Shauna’s trip 11/24/10:

I want to sincerely thank The I AM foundation for their book gifting of 100 –

I AM Affirmation Books for the Maasai Students of Esiteti Primary School in Southern, Kenya. Once again these books have impacted the lives of children around the world teaching them the power of their words and the potential that lies within each one of them. I was blessed to travel with Africa Schools of Kenya (ASK) to the community of Esiteti where I met the most genuine, heart filled people.  Handing out the I AM Affirmation books was one of the many highlights of the trips, listening to the children read the affirmations out loud and then write down their own affirmations was such an amazing process to witness, students that I did not hear speak all week now stood up to read their own affirmations for their life, ” I am healthy, I am beautiful, I am smart, I am greatness”.  I know that these books made these children very happy, for the next day each one of them was still carrying them around, reading them under a tree, sharing them with a friend, or showing their parents who are unable to read.  Thank you so much Steve and Marilyn for your vision for the world, for you have sincerely touched the lives of so many children, and have given me the opportunity to do the same.
With Gratitude,
Shauna Mistretta

Update from Shauna on 10/21/10:

Steve and Marilyn, I can’t thank you enough for the I AM books, they were given out to 100 of the most amazing Maasai students, the children sat reading their books out loud and wrote down their own affirmations, the next day I saw so many of the children just walking around holding their books close. A true gift. Thank you on behalf of Africa Schools of Kenya and myself!

Africa Schools of Kenya works with Maasai children who are in Primary School ranging from kindergarten to grade 8. They help provide an education to Maasai children with an emphasis on Maasai girls, and are all about empowering these children to be at their full potential and to live out their fullest dreams.

Shauna Wrote: “It would be great if these children could have some of the I Am Affirmation Books because I know the profound impact your books have a really want to share them with these children.”

Shauna Kane Mistretta raised the money to sponsor 100 children to receive The I AM! Affirmation Book. The I AM Foundation also gifted an additional 24 I AM! Affirmation Books and I Am The Earth Books for her October 2010 trip to Nairobi Kenya. If you wish to sponsor additional books for Africa School of Kenya, please contact us at 619.297.7010. To contact Africa School of Kenya click here.


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