Posted by: The I AM Foundation | October 3, 2010

“I Am The Earth” in Lima, Peru

On a recent service trip to Lima, Peru, Carole Kuck, a San Diegan working at the Puericultorio Perez Aranibar (PPA) orphanage through Global Volunteers organization, introduced the I AM the Earth book to the children that she was responsible for during her service there.   These children were so excited to receive the book and read it out loud to her and anyone within earshot. The I AM the Earth books received at the orphanage are kept in a central repository to be shared with all the children in the orphanage.  No one child is permitted to keep a book for themselves so that all of the children at the orphanage (600+) will be able to enjoy the books.  The younger children particularly appreciated all the colored pictures and shouted out the names (in Spanish) of all the animals that they recognized on the pages. You could see the joy and delight in their eyes as they read the books out loud and to one another.


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