Posted by: The I AM Foundation | August 4, 2010

Books Donated to Students in Need in Orlando, FL

In response to the recipient request below, The I AM Foundation has gifted a box of I AM! Affirmation books for all the kids in Kimberly’s class and Eat By Choice, Not By Habit books donated by PuddleDancer Press for teachers and the school library.

“I work in a title I school which means that the majority of the families are low income. All of our students are on free lunch. In my classroom I have some books that I have been given from retiring teachers. The books that I have are out dated and many of the students do not show interest in them. I have had to pass on some of my books because they were too low for my students. My students and I would greatly appreciate any books that could be donated to our class.  In my classroom I have reading levels that vary from 2nd grade to 5th grade.”

–Kimberly Marcialis
Teacher at Ridgewood Park Elementary
Orlando, FL

If you would like to donate books to this classroom, please contact us at



  1. A+ would read again

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