Posted by: The I AM Foundation | August 3, 2010

Purchase “Pippi’s and Piper’s Outdoor Adventure” E-Book and Support The I Am Foundation

A donation of 40% of the royalty from each purchase of this e-book will be made to the I AM Foundation.

Pippi’s And Piper’s Outdoor Adventure
by Joyce Shafer

Pippi and Piper have an unexpected outdoor adventure when they meet three very unusual new friends. This story with images appeals to young children (and children of any age with a childlike sense of fun). It’s a little instructional, a little practical, a little fantastical, and sure to bring a smile.

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Feedback from

If attention is not in the present moment, then the moment is missed and the lesson is lost. No matter what age, understanding the simplest of truths lends greatly to the quality of our lives. Through words and art, Joyce Shafer invites you to come along and frolic through the colorful lives of Pippi and Piper, as they discover the beauty of Nature’s secrets from conversations with creatures that crawl. The bright images offer lightness, joy, and simplicity, keeping both children and adults visually engaged as the unfolding story recounts some very basic, but profound truths. In words easily understood by those from six to sixty, and beyond, Joyce’s message is clear…true listening heightens awareness. Nature has much to teach, if we would only listen, really listen.

–Wendi Romero, author of Pilgrimage to Self: Leaving, Walking, Returning



  1. I am humbled by the work being done to help children discover their values in order to add value into this world. I am Happy to be part of it

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