Posted by: The I AM Foundation | June 11, 2010

Yoga Camp in Costa Rica with The I AM! Affirmation Books!

Martha Hoffman  had an amazing time gifting books in Costa Rica to participants in a yoga retreat. She and her team gifted 100 – I Am The Earth Books and I AM! Affirmation books in Mal Pais School, Santa Teresa School and Little Dolphins pre-school

They are also helping to renew the Mal Pais school and it has been a really beautiful journey. Thanks to their initiative the community gets together and works for the school.  Parents are starting to see the results and they get inspired and motivated to volunteer and help a little more.
But there is always something more to do and some more help to give.  Now they  want to create a program that will help the school have an English Teacher for the children.  Right now they have NO ENGLISH teacher and they are not learning any English at all. If you or someone you know would be interested in teaching English, please contact us to get in touch with them.
Martha wrote, “We feel very blessed and grateful for all the love we experience while doing yoga and gifting your books.”
Thank you!

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