Posted by: The I AM Foundation | June 8, 2010

When Children Receive Positive Attention by Los Angeles Principal Carolin McKie

Principal Carolin McKie with Hollywood Actors at 116th St School

“When children receive positive attention from adults they feel valued as if they really matter; are visible; and are worth something to someone. This in return increases their self-esteem in a way that no amount of money can purchase. When a child’s self-esteem increases they feel better about themselves and learn the value of their existence in the world. They learn to value their life, the lives of others and the life of the planet we live on. Often times children are not validated enough, they feel isolated because no one may listen to them or may hear their dreams or aspirations.

When we talk with children we need to teach them that they do matter. That each one has unique and special gifts inside of them that can be used for the betterment of humanity.  It does not matter the environment in which they grow up because many people have suffered far more adversities in life, yet overcame those adversities because of the belief in themselves to make a difference for themselves and others. We need to encourage each child to use his or her gifts and talents to their fullest potential and in a positive way. We have all too often experienced the chaos and destruction when talented children are left to those who would use their gifts for personal gain to the detriment of mankind.  I often say that the concept of someone being a genius does not know name, rank, serial number, color, gender, race or creed. It comes from where it comes.

This is why the work of The I AM Foundation and The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are is so important to our kids. The book is a tool we use at our school which helps us achieve these goals. We encourage and challenge all adults: educators, parents, community groups and society as a whole to invest in every child by sowing seeds to help them understand who they are and what they are worth. It is never too late to begin this important work. WE have the ability and tools that we need to encourage our children to greatness.”

-Carolin McKie, Principal, 116th Street School, Los Angeles, CA

Children at The 116th Street School Receive I AM! Affirmation Books

Thanks to  The I AM Foundation‘s Points of Light, The I AM Foundation gifted over 500 I AM! Affirmation Books and hundreds of  books from other authors to The Essence Coprich Library for the children at the 116th Street School.


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