Posted by: The I AM Foundation | May 27, 2010

Introducing Parenting Together, A New Parent Empowerment and Coaching Service

The I AM Foundation is proud to introduce you to a new parent empowerment and coaching service,  Parenting Together™ founders, Nora Zelov and Cara Denby, believe Art Buchwald’s saying, “The best things in life aren’t things.”  Together they work to provide parents with resources and tools to help them empower their authentic parent.  Being a parent can be a joyful, fulfilling and amazing experience.  However, we often get consumed and overwhelmed by daily routines.  Authentic parenting reconnects you with your children and helps you find the true joy in parenting. Through a variety of coaching options,Parenting Together™ inspires you to be your authentic parent and teaches you tools and techniques that allow you to parent in a way that is in alignment with your parenting philosophy. The techniques taught are in alignment with what childhood experts agree produces the best outcomes for children.
The I AM Foundation supports Parenting Together’s™ unique offering to empower parents.  As your authentic parent, you are able to handle any situation that may arise with your children at any age and any stage.  Through Parenting Together’s™ Together Time™ calls, Nora and Cara guide you with real tools and techniques to inspire you to parent in a way that is in alignment with YOUR parenting philosophy.
When asked why she was motivated to create this offering for parents, Nora explains, “After having my first child, I joined a mom’s group.  I saw that many parents struggle with the challenging behaviors of their children.  Often I was asked for assistance and advice.  My friends did not need to and did not want to see child psychologists for these issues, and their pediatricians were too busy or were not trained to help either.  So, they continued to be frustrated at times by their children’s behavior.  I realized that, with my background knowledge,  I could help by providing some real tools so that parents could be the parent they want to be.”
Cara and Nora met about 4 years ago, shortly after her 3rd daughter was born.  They realized they shared a philosophy based on a “big picture” view of parenting.  This philosophy focuses on parenting through positive laws of attraction, helping you proactively set up your child’s environment to encourage appropriate behavior, and by coaching you on how to teach your child to make good choices for themselves.  “Over the years, Nora and I have had many discussions about the joys of  parenting.  We both value the gift of our children and want to support and encourage others to enjoy their parenting experience,” Cara explains.
I hope that you will take the time to click through to learn more about Parenting Together at  You can sign up for a free monthly newsletter, recharge your parenting batteries by listening to some archived Together Time™ calls and learn more about this exciting and unique parent empowerment coaching service.


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