Posted by: The I AM Foundation | May 20, 2010

Student-Created Books Inspired By I Am The Earth

Students of Mariluz Gonzalez an Nixon Elementary School, Chicago, IL are creating their own I Am The Earth Books.  They start their books by answering these questions…

1. What makes me feel most connected to nature.?

“In the winter, I like to touch the snow and make snowmen.”
“I like hearing the wind when I am swinging on the swings. I like smelling the fresh air.”
“I like seeing ants carry food on their backs.”
“I like to go to the park and look at the clouds in the sky.”
“I play with the ants in the summer.”
“I like to hear the birds singing. I also like to listen to waterfalls.”

2. What one thing can I remember to do each day to take care of the planet?

“I can take care of the animals and feed them.”
“Pick up the garbage on the floor.”
“Take care of a garden to make the Earth and air healthier.”
“Don’t throw garbage in the water because the fish will die.”
“Pick up bottles, plastic, cans and recycle them.”
“I will recycle paper, plastic, cans, bottles and plastic cups everyday.  Oh, and books that you messed up.”

3. What one idea do I have for making the world a cleaner and healthier place?

“A robot that can make the Earth healthier by doing everything good.”
“A machine to clean the air everyday.”
“I will invent a machine that makes solar panels. I will invent a car that runs on the sun’s energy. Also, it makes motorcycle solar panels.”
“A machine that turns the garbage into new shiny things. It will clean the water.”
“I will train my animals to pick up the garbage.”
“A robot that recycles. He gets cans from the garbage and cleans the Earth.”

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