Posted by: The I AM Foundation | April 24, 2010

Imagine a world… The 2010 Points of Light Campaign

Imagine a world where children, parents and teachers make think healthy thoughts and choose healthy choices each day.  Right this very moment there is a child who is living in challenging circumstances. Now imagine a world where this child is given tools to develop the inner strength to cope and overcome their seemingly dire predicament.

This past January a teenager in Massachusetts who was being bullied for several months decided to take her life. Phoebe Prince was only 15 years old. Where were all the adults in her life? She didn’t have her teachers, her parents or even friends to help her make different choices in her life. Now imagine a world where someone was able to reach Phoebe to let her know how precious and wonderful she is. And that the voice of the bully is not her voice and is not the truth about her. Do you think Phoebe might have been able to make a different choice and decision?

Now imagine when you were a child. What was it that you wished someone gave you that you knew would have impacted you then. Something you really needed and didn’t get. Was it words of encouragement? Words to let you know you were enough. Words to protect you from a bully or from the demeaning sarcasm of a school mate or relative?  Wouldn’t we all have wanted that special person to tell us those things we needed to hear at the time and support us in making a different choice rather than the self-destructive choices we made. In truth, we were only a thought a way from that choice.

So maybe we can’t do anything about those moments in our childhood where people didn’t show up for us and subsequently we couldn’t show up for ourselves. However, today we can make the choice to impact this generation in a way that wasn’t quite yet available to us in our early years.

With the recent developments in technology and products like the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader eBooks are becoming more and more popular and are one of the fastest growing segments of growth in the publishing industry.

This is where The I AM Foundation’s mission takes on a whole new meaning. That is our mission of gifting educational books and music worldwide. Now, with the help of technology, we are gifting our eBooks within the new Love~Wisdom Series to children, teachers and parents around the globe.  All without cost to the recipient or to the people who help us gift.

Now what if Phoebe’s teacher received a gift copy of The I AM! Affirmation eBook. She knew Phoebe was hurting so she emails her the book with a note that says, “I know the kids are mean and they are hurting you, but always remember who you are inside. Who you are is not defined by the bully. Read this book and remember who you are.”

This year’s 2010 Points of Light Campaign is dedicated to children like Phoebe who right now maybe not have reached the breaking point and where there is still a light to connect to. You can help a child like Phoebe before the light goes out altogether with your Point of Light Contribution.

Your 2010 Points of Light will further empower our technology to gift millions of copies of eBooks in the Love~Wisdom Series which includes The I Am! Affirmation Book to kids all over the world. With the help of many individuals and Interpreter’s Unlimited, our translation company sponsor in San Diego, we will be able to gift The I AM! Affirmation Book in English and over 40 languages to children, parents and teachers worldwide.

Other books in the Love~Wisdom Series include the republishing of Marilyn’s The Bridge Between Two Lifetimes and Words of Power for Loving You Age, Work, and Life, and Steve’s books ●I Am The Earth! Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet ●I Am Healthy! ●I Am Wealthy! and ● I Am Creative!

There is the story of the little girl in Lancaster, CA who was being bullied at school because of her families financial situation. When one of our volunteers Linda Vasquez gave her The I AM! Affirmation Book, she sat down and cried and said “You mean I am not ugly and stupid because I am poor? The other children at school make fun of me because I am poor. But now I can show them my I AM! Affirmation Book and tell them that I matter too!”

We never knew what happened to this little girl but we can say odds are, she was reached that day. Odds are she didn’t turn out to be a teen statistic like Phoebe.

Now imagine a world where children get to grow up by loving and valuing themselves and others so they can be given a chance to live extraordinary lives and make a difference in the world.

Thank you so much to all of our Points of Light. Whether you have been a Point of Light or would like to become one: Please make your 2010 Points of Light Donation or Pledge today.  Each Point of Light at The I AM Foundation is a one thousand dollar contribution. Your 2010 Points of Light will empower our program to impact tens of thousands of children worldwide. Remember you’ll be in good company. Louise Hay of Hay House and Audrey Geisel, the wife of Dr. Seuss, have been Points of Light each year for almost a decade.

To make your one or more 2010 Points of Light tax-deductible gift, please:

● Mail your check to The I AM Foundation, 192 West Spain Street, Sonoma, CA 95476
● Call us at 619.297.7010 and give your donation by phone
Make your donation online, choose one time or monthly
● Use PayPal and send your donation to

  • Another way you can help make an impact as Points of Light is to host us, Steve and Marilyn, at your home or business to speak with your community about the important work of The I AM Foundation.

Thank you for all your incredible support over the years as Points of Light.

With a passion to making a difference in the lives of children and adults worldwide,

Steve and Marilyn



  1. Hi there – since you’re interested in books for kids, be sure to track news/reviews on a new blog i just started on kids’ books for the iPad at Are you working on an I Am book for iPad?

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