Posted by: The I AM Foundation | April 23, 2010

Planting trees with I Am The Earth books for Kids

227 Trees have been planted since Earth Day 2010 from I Am The Earth book orders.

I Am The Earth: Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet book is published and being gifted to children around the world. The book is beautifully illustrated by a top animator and illustrator from the Los Angeles area, Mauricio Hoffman. As of May 2010, the eBook version has been gifted to children in 29 countries. To order the book and plant a tree click here.

A Message from The Author: The book has been written by international best-selling author and Founder of The I AM Foundation, Steve Viglione. His wife, Dr. Marilyn Powers, is the Creative Director for the project.

Steve says, “This book is about empowering kids (and adults) to have an appreciation of Planet Earth and to inspire them to use their imagination to create solutions which will preserve and sustain our incredible planet. Our intention is to gift millions of copies of the book and music album to children all over the world, so they can connect with how precious and how beautiful this place we call Earth is. We are supporting our children and their families in being the best stewards and caretakers of the planet they can be. “

Sponsor or Donate for Books and Plant Trees!: For each book that is sponsored or we receive a donation for, we will be planting a tree through The Arbor Day Foundation. As of May 2010, we have planted 227 trees from book sales. You can help us gift these books to children around the world, and plant trees, by making a donation today. Your donation will also support the publishing of both the book and the music album.
To order please click here:

Free eBook Copies as our gift: If you would like to receive a copy of our free eBook edition, please visit
The I Am The Earth Curriculum was created by Rutger’s University Professor of Environmental Studies, Karen Esrtfeld and New Jersey School Teacher, Roxane Neno. The curriculum empowers teachers and children to discover the wonders of the earth and to engage practically and personally with it.

Like the I Am The Earth Book, it encourages a positive, dynamic and hand’s on relationship of admiration and respect between children and their environment. It inspires a desire in children to be great stewards and caretakers of the earth. The rich, in-depth scientific content is extraordinarily helpful for use in teaching. The affirmations are powerful motivators for children to take inspired action for taking care of the planet. Order the curriculum here.

The I Am The Earth: Put Love First Hip Hop Song by Nekaybaw Marie is now available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or by clicking here.
About Our Program:

The I AM Foundation’s program gifts books to low income teachers who sign up for our program through our website. Since 1998, we have gifted and distributed over 1 million books and products to children and adults in over 40 countries.

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