Posted by: The I AM Foundation | March 9, 2010

I AM! Books Go to the Good Hope School in Uganda, Africa!

My name is Micaela Bellopede.  I received my first I AM! Affirmation Book as a gift while teaching at Universal Spirit Center in San Diego.  I loved it!!  I am so grateful to Steve and Marilyn for creating such wonderful books.  They show the child in all of us that we are all:  powerful, successful, strong and worthy.

Last year, I created the Miraclecatcher Foundation to empower children and promote creativity.  Through my work, I found out about The Good Hope School for orphans in Uganda, Africa.  Over Christmas, I set off alone for Africa with my heart full of faith and excitement to meet the children there.  Exactly as I envisioned, the universe brought me to the people who helped me get there, the family I stayed with, and to the children who needed me.  Everything was perfectly timed.

Upon my arrival in Africa, I was greeted with open hearts, beautiful smiles, and many hugs.  By bus, I traveled to a small village near Kabale in the southern province, 2000 meters above sea level, immersed in cloud cover, cool, green, and lush.  The village has no electricity and no indoor plumbing, but it has an abundance of laughter, community, connection, and love.  Everywhere there are children–every day they ran out of their houses to greet me, and hug me, and sing to me.

At the Good Hope School, my new home, it was my great pleasure to teach all of the children ages 3-15. Here is a video of me using The I AM! Affirmation Book in my lesson. As you can see, we even made a song of it!

It gave me great joy to teach and read the I AM!  book to these children. I wanted them to know the power of their own mind to create their destiny. As an educator of over 20 years, I can say without a doubt that the best way to help a child is to give him/her the confidence to believe in himself/herself. We all have the  power to manifest, no matter where we come from.

Before going to Uganda, I had a dream to become a mother. It was a long-held wish of mine.  As you can see, I now have 186 children, not just one.  In Uganda, they call me “Mugisha” which means gift. They think I am a gift to them. But the real gift is who they are for me.

When we allow the universe to create for us, it brings bigger and better things than we ever imagined possible.  My wish is to be able to send one I AM! book to each child. I ask for your help in manifesting this wish.

See pictures of the children:

To find out more information about the school : or contact

Many blessings of peace and love,

Micaela Bellopede

9/6/10 Update: Micaela brought 75 I Am The Earth and I AM! Affirmation Books with her for the children on her trip to Uganda earlier this year.

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