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The Love~Wisdom Series: Building Life Skills for Life

Our new Love~Wisdom Series Logo designed by our graphic designer and webmaster Terri Wright.

About  The Love~Wisdom Series; Building Life Skills for Life…

The I AM Foundation is excited to announce the launching of our new Love~Wisdom Series.  We are creating this series for kids which will address the following areas so children can be positively supported from the beginning of their lives:

~ Self-Esteem, Self-Value and Vision for Life with The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are (Over 157,000 copies in print, translated in 17 languages)
~ Creating a Greener Planet with I Am The Earth: Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet
~ Finance and Wealth with I AM Wealthy! Building Your Friendship With Money
~  Creativity with I Am Creative! Expressing Your Talents and Gifts for the Good of All (Due out 2011)       ~ Health and Well being with I Am Healthy! Making Wise Choices for Well Being (Due out 2011)

Here are the next two books being published in The Love~Wisdom Series in 2010:

I Am The Earth: Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet

“I Am The Earth inspires children to be the keys for a sustainable future. We are depending on them just as they are depending on us.” –Dr. Marilyn Powers

I Am The Earth: Positive Affirmations for Loving Our Planet is dedicated to our children and future generations to become great stewards of the planet.  This book builds an awareness of valuing, appreciating and taking care of our beautiful world.

Each of the 32 affirmations and illustrations depict a place from around the globe so various cultures and geographical areas are honored and represented in the book.

This book affirms our positive oneness with all creation.  It is an affirmative prayer that brings people and the earth into harmony and balance. Both children and adults will feel enlightened and empowered by building a conscious relationship of unity with the planet.

I Am Wealthy! Building Your Friendship with Money

I Am Wealthy! Building Your Friendship with Money supports children and adults in building a positive relationship with their finances.  This book speaks about their inner and outer wealth and how each compliments the other. I Am Wealthy! empowers children and adults to build an intelligent relationship with financial institutions so they feel confident in actively participating with them.

The 32 affirmations and illustrations create a positive picture for how to develop a consciousness of wealth that empowers the individual and serves the community.The book teaches the importance of having a balance between giving and receiving.

“I Am Wealthy! is an essential bridge between financial institutions and their global communities.  This book gives them an opportunity to support financial literacy in children and families.” – Jim Price, Chairman and CEO, Aero Financial

“I Am Wealthy! Building Your Friendship with Money is truly the beginning of collective prosperity on Planet Earth, the seeds of abundance that will bring forth a mighty harvest.  And the children will lead us to that promised land.” – John Randolph Price, author of The Abundance Book and Chairman of the Quartus Foundation

“I Am Wealthy! Building Your Friendship with Money teaches children about the importance of (both) inner and outer wealth. It gives them a necessary start for a financial foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives.” –Greg S. Reid, Millionaire Mentor and co-author of Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet from Gold

” Imagine a world where children learn to value themselves, and where financial lack and limitation are replaced by flow and creativity. I Am Wealthy! enables children at a very early age to build a positive, empowering relationship with money.” – Ernest D. Chu, author, Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth in Fulfillment and Abundance, and former investment banker and Wall St. Journal financial columnist

“The power of the spoken word is vital to financial health and wellbeing.  I Am Wealthy!  Building Your Friendship with Money helps children practice affirmations that create a consciousness of abundance that manifests prosperity.” Dr. Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

“Money is our friend and is the flow of spirit in our lives. I Am Wealthy builds a positive, loving relationship with money from the start.” Dr. Marilyn Powers, Life Coach

For more information about The Love~Wisdom Series, please visit

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