Posted by: The I AM Foundation | December 11, 2009

Liberia’s Kids Receive Books as Gifts

Spryte Loriano of Humanity Unites Brilliance gifting Liberian Children with The I AM! Affirmation Book

The I AM Foundation would like to thank Spryte Loriano and Charlie Gay of Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) and The HUB Membership  for making this book gifting event possible in Liberia. Spryte and Charlie took 600 I AM! Affirmation Books to Liberia with them in July of 2009. In addition to all the work HUB does in the field, the book gifting of our signature book was part of their touching the lives of the Liberian People.

We also want to thank Jerry and Jessica Conti of Compassion Happens, and all our Points of Light Donors who support our work and make these events possible.

The Unstoppable Cynthia Kersey Reads The I AM! Affirmation Book to a child in Liberia

Children read their new books to take home.


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