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“I AM! Affirmations”: 5th Article in the Series

“I AM” Affirmations

for Self-Esteem

By Dr. Marilyn Powers and Steve Viglione

(Photo above: Children at The Galilee School in Nairobi, Kenya receive books during The I AM Foundation’s visit in 2008.)

Welcome to our read-aloud column for parents and kids based on The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are. We believe that when we discover our true value, we bring that value to our families, communities, and world.  There are over 157,000 copies of The I AM! Affirmation Book in print;  it has been gifted to children in 40 countries and over 900,000 other books have been gifted to children and adults across the world. You can gift books also!


“This book [The I AM! Affirmation Book]  is commendable in how it leads the mind of the child to refreshingly welcome vision, using animals characters that populate the dreams of childhood, to build good resolutions.  We are fortunate that this work has been translated into Sinhalese, Tamil, and English and gifted to our children.

I convey my most sincere thanks to you for this work done especially for children, to help them become architects of a good society in the future.”

Shiranthi Rajapaksa, First Lady of Sri Lanka


I Am Patience!

And even if I think things go wrong,

I know inside me very well,

They’ll turn around before too long.

I Am Brave!

And I allow myself to feel,

Each feeling that I have.

It’s part of being real.

An affirmation is a true statement, and the truth is that you are a loving intelligent caring being full of potential and worthy of love, respect and appreciation.  Whatever we choose to say after the words “I am” affect our feelings, moods, and even how we see the world. When they’re positive, these beliefs support us in feeling more confident and capable at school, at home, wherever we are.

Some days, nothing seems to go right.  You feel like you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed.  You stub your toe, you walk into the bathroom door, your eggs are cold instead of hot, and your Mom is impatient and snaps at you for being slow to get ready for school.  The way you begin your day can set the tone for what follows.  When you think nothing is going right, even before you’ve left the house, it can be very discouraging.  That’s the moment to affirm and remember, “I Am Patience! And even if I think things go wrong, I know inside me very well, they’ll turn around before too long.”  An affirmation spoken out loud can change your focus, lift your spirit, and help you think up instead of down.  When things are going wrong, it’s important to affirm, “I Am Brave! And I allow myself to feel, each feeling that I have. It’s part of being real.”

When Michelle got her reading test back and scored a D, she felt scared and mad.  She was scared about what her Mom would say and she was mad at herself for getting such a low grade.  She burst into tears, tears of anger and frustration.  Her teacher came over to her desk and acknowledged her feelings.  She understood Michelle’s frustration and heartache.  She asked Michelle to see her at recess that morning so she could help her improve her grade.  She reminded Michelle to be patient with herself and to read The I AM Patience Affirmation in her I AM! Affirmation Book: “I Am Patience! And even if I think things go wrong, I know inside me very well, they’ll turn around before too long.”  Later that morning the teacher reassured her that she could turn this grade around.  She discovered that when Michelle studied she was also on the computer, and the noise distracted Michelle from concentrating so she could remember what she was reading.  The teacher invited her to shut off the computer when she prepared for a test, and that would support her remembering the material.  Michelle went home and told her Mom about her grade and her teacher’s advice.  That night, her Mom made sure the computer was off when Michelle studied.  The next day, Michelle got a B instead of a D.  Michelle had been patient with herself.  Her teacher had validated her feelings and offered her a better study habit.  Yes, things turned around for Michelle when her feelings of helplessness and frustration were turned around into hope and using a new study habit.

The fact that things can go wrong, the fact that we need to accept our feelings of disappointment, frustration and fear, are all part of our growth.  What’s important when things go wrong is to first acknowledge the feelings, and then to have the patience to discover a way for making them right.  When we speak an affirmation out loud, it helps us both to validate our feelings as well as to open up our mind to a creative solution.  The experience of things sometimes going wrong isn’t wrong.  It just is what is.  However, our reaction to things going wrong is what makes the difference.  And speaking an I AM! Affirmation can make the difference between feeling hopeless and shutting down, or feeling acknowledged and moving forward.

I AM! Affirmations help build our confidence, support us taking action, and encourage us to share our feelings and have them validated.  The outcome is our experience or feeling successful when we have persisted and practiced.

We hope you enjoyed our column and remember to send us a quote on how the I AM affirmations helped you or your child this month.  We will be running one in every issue.  Send yours to  It is our joy to support you and your child.  We look forward to seeing you next month.

Steve Viglione is the founder and CEO of The I AM Foundation and author of The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering The Value of Who You Are, Dr. Marilyn Powers, Ph.D., is the Co Founder of The I AM Foundation and married to Steve.  They live in California.



  1. Thank you. I would like to pull some ideas from your site and a few books to share with the group of students with whom I am charged to contribute and build self esteem.

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