Posted by: The I AM Foundation | November 17, 2009

The I AM! Necklace for Gift Giving

The I AM! Necklace for Gift Giving

I AM! Necklace Close Up

I AM! Necklace

The I AM! Necklace was inspired and created by The Diamond Connection Jewelers in San Diego, CA.  As a 2009 Point of Light for The I AM Foundation, this pendant was created for people who are either inspired to have one for themselves or to gift it to a loved one.

Our own Dr. Marilyn Powers wears one of the necklaces (shown in photo) this one is in 18 KT Gold.  The I AM! Necklace can be customized in gold or silver and even with a diamond or birthstone on it.

One of our other Points of Light Carol Kuck received an I AM! Necklace from her partner Nancy Weichel as a gift. Carole says:

“I am so grateful for my I AM necklace that I received from Nancy as a gift to honor a milestone in my life.  As I wear it I am reminded of who I AM and how much I AM loved.  It is a beautiful and powerful statement that attracts interest and sparks conversation with others.  I love the personalized touch in its creation.”

-Carole Kuck

Orders for the necklace are placed directly with  The Diamond Connection at 1 (619) 296-8900.  The Diamond Connection Jewelers generously gifts 25% of all I AM! necklaces purchased to The I AM Foundation as their Point of Light Contribution.

The Diamond Connection Jewelers
2350 San Diego Ave
San Diego CA 92110

We are grateful to all of you who are interested in ordering your own I AM! Necklace to give as a gift or to wear for yourself. Your purchase supports our global book gifting missions. Thanks so much.


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