Posted by: The I AM Foundation | November 17, 2009

Martin Hare of Merrill Lynch Joins The I AM Foundation Advisory Board

Marti Hare

Martin Hare is a Wealth Manager with the Merrill Lynch La Jolla, CA office. Martin has joined The I AM Foundation’s advisory board and we welcome his expertise in finance as well as in Charitable Lead Trusts.  A charitable lead trust (CLT) can provide a payment stream to the charity for a specified period. At the end of the trust term, the CLT transfers the remaining assets to individuals named by the grantor-or any remaining assets return to the grantor. For more information on how you can work with Martin Hare and The I AM Foundation on a CLT, please contact Martin Hare at 1.858.456.3640.

Marti frequently asks groups of supporters of various non-profit organizations these questions:

1. Why do you financially support this organization?

2. What is the number one reason why people don’t give more to the organizations they love and care about?

Marti answers: “The number one reason is that people want their wealth to go to their family members.”

The Charitable Lead Trust is a strategy that helps family members receive their wealth by significantly reducing estate taxes while leaving a legacy through their favorite charity. So everybody wins.

Download Charitable Lead Trust document, for more information.

Mr. Hare also assists a select group of affluent clients in investment management, tax, estate and wealth transfer planning. Martin Hare develops personalized, strategic solutions to address the complex needs of individuals with substantial wealth. Together with specialists in different areas of expertise, they offer clients a comprehensive range of services, including: discretionary portfolio management; stock option analysis and sophisticated retirement planning; hedging and monetization of concentrated equity positions; life insurance analysis and funding; and a full complement of wealth preservation and transfer services. Martin Hare also provides access to Business Finance Specialists that help businesses improve cash flow through lending solutions. Business Financial Services include specialties in corporate financing, currency hedging and conversion, corporate cash management, business succession planning, company valuations, corporate divestiture, sale of business’ (M&A), and commercial lines of credit.

His team takes an institutional approach towards investing, and focuses on risk managemet. They strive to deliver superior consistent investment results through the positioning their clients’ portfolios similar to those of the largest and most successful Endowment Funds.

To make sure that the financial needs of the clients are covered in all aspects, the team also communicates regularly with the client, their CPA, and their Attorney.

Mr. Martin Hare started his career in the investment industry in 1981 as a runner at the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a runner with C&D Commodities. Over the years Mr. Hare worked in many capacities learning the business from the trading floor to the office. His path of Runner, Pit Broker Assistant, Trader, Market Maker and Registered Representative has given him a base platform that creates a very unique outlook on how global equity and commodity markets interact. During his tenure on the trading floor, Mr. Hare earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Elmhurst College attending night school. In 1991 Mr. Hare entered the Wealth Management industry to bring what he learned from the trading floor to private investors and institutions. He has worked with the top investment firms in the industry and joined Merrill Lynch in 2004. Mr. Hare specializes in the philanthropic and advanced estate design and management arena for the team.

Mrs. Marcia Vance started working in the financial industry for E F Hutton in 1989. The names changed on the doors and Mrs. Vance ended up working for Smith Barney until 1999. Mrs. Vance joined Merrill Lynch in 2005. Her total emphasis is on the Client servicing side, processing any and all client requests.

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