Posted by: The I AM Foundation | November 10, 2009

Beauvoir Elementary in Biloxi, MS Receives Books from I AM

From Recipient: My name is Jennifer Smith, I am a Special Education Teacher and I currently work in a low socially economic school where the funding is very minimum and the school in need of books to stock the classroom libraries. I am a special needs teacher (mild moderate disabilities) and would like to add to my classroom library. Most of the students at my school have never stepped foot out of Gulf Coast area let alone the state of Mississippi. It is through books that I learned about other places, things that I knew I would never get the opportunity to see due to my economic status. I would appreciate any donations that The I AM Foundation is willing to give in order to help my students build there reading skills, levels and explore places that they may never get the chance to experience.  Visit our website.

From The I AM Foundation: Dear Jennifer, we are grateful for your request and are happy to grant you enough books for your classroom. We have shipped you a classroom set of I AM! Affirmations Books, an I AM! Affirmation Poster and a copy of our Kenya Book Gifting DVD so you can share with your children how The I AM Foundation gives this book to children around the world. I will post your request on our blog and see if anyone else would like to send you books or materials they can contact you at  Please let us know when you receive the books and how the children like them. Feel free to have them share their messages with us and we will post that on the blog as well.


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