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Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet From Gold and The I AM Foundation

Point of Light Donor Profile: Greg Reid

“The I AM Foundation is my charity of choice because of the incredible work they do to empower the lives of children around the globe. I am proud to support this dynamic cause which is dedicated to making the world a better place to live for all people and for generations to come.”   – Gregory Scott Reid

Three Feet From Gold

Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet From Gold and The I AM Foundation

Greg Reid is known around the world as “The Millionaire Mentor”. What a lot of folks might not know is that Greg mentors young adults and teens to be the best they can be.  He has had an enormous influence in putting teenagers on the right path in life.  This is right in alignment with what The I AM Foundation is all about: empowering our youth to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. In addition, Greg is a film maker and a best-selling author.  We are proud and honored to have Greg Reid as a supporter of our work and most of all we are grateful to be able to have  him  as a friend and a part of our family.

Author Greg Reid

Author Greg Reid

Greg Reid was referred to The I AM Foundation in 2005 by one of our founding visionaries, John Assaraf (The I AM Foundation’s vision was conceived in the living room of John’s famous home seen in the movie The Secret). Since the time Greg was referred by John, Greg Reid has raised close to $20,000.00 for The I AM Foundation at many of his First Class Events!  He also gave The I AM Foundation exposure to tens of thousands of people worldwide. Greg Reid is a giver and loves to help the kids. That’s why he chose to support the work of The I AM Foundation. In 2007, Greg’s Pass It On movie and events helped us in donating over 46,000 books to kids affected by Hurricane Katrina. Because of Greg Reid we were able to complete our Gulf States Book Gifitng Mission to Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi with Jeff Goonewardena, the Consul General of Sri Lanka. We thank Greg Reid for being an outstanding community partner.

Now, it’s our time to support Greg with the launching of his newest work “Three Feet From Gold” in collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Please support Greg’s goal to make Three Feet From Gold a #1 Blockbuster Best Seller today. Tell him, The I AM Foundation sent you.

Here’s the story and link:



  1. Amazing. What amazing work you do. I will get involved somehow.

    Tom 2 tall Cunningham

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