Posted by: The I AM Foundation | May 29, 2009

What our world needs today! Wealth, Prosperity & Philanthropy

What our world needs today!

Wealth, Prosperity & Philanthropy

By Alex Mazloom, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Mind Treasures

Imagine a time when millions of people are selflessly working together to improve the lives of the less fortunate throughout the world including the 30,000 children who die of hunger everyday. This might be a far fetched idea especially in the current world economic conditions when most people are just trying to survive. Hopefully after this recession is over we can concentrate on accumulating the wealth that is needed to reach such a worthy goal. But didn’t we already gather an abundance of wealth several times and lost it. Did we run into some bad luck that brought us to the current situation? To answer this question we must understand the synergy of wealth.

Wealth is a form of energy and by scientific definition energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Consider a tank of gasoline that holds certain amount of energy. The richness and various potentials are contained within the liquid however this fluid, by itself, cannot move anything, light any area, make any sound or provide heat or cold. In combination with the potential energy of oxygen, an automobile engine (through a precisely managed process) transforms the potential contained in gasoline. The transformation process defines how much of the original energy becomes useful (i.e. heat in the cabin) and what portion of it, is wasted (heat in the engine compartment and exhaust). On the average, a traditional gasoline engine wastes about 75% of the potential energy contained in gasoline and to make matters worse, during the last decade, we became obsessed with some of the most inefficient automobiles built for their time. However hope is on the way. Over the recent years and through technology advancements, engines are becoming more and more efficient. While no change has been made to the gasoline or its energy content, addition of computers and electric motors have increased the efficiency of this transformation process to more than 50% in some cases.

At a more sophisticated level, we can think of ourselves as an engine that has access to various forms of wealth (energy) such as knowledge, expertise, health, time and money. From early childhood we strive to gain wealth in a quest for financial independence however, on the average, only 5% of the population achieves this goal while 65% arrive at their golden years in a total financial dependency state. Clearly, there is a large amount of potential energy contained in the wealth gained throughout ones life, but the human engine has been running very inefficiently and I seriously doubt that adding more wealth to this process will improve its performance. Thus far the engine of humanity has mainly used the emotional and physical realms to transform (or better yet waste) the potentials contained in the accumulated wealth on itself. When we are happy or sad we spend on ourselves. When we are not satisfied with our physical appearance we spend again. When we look at the Jones’, again we spend. It seems like any day and any occasion is a good reason for spending again on ourselves and to supply these expenses we have to work hard and harder everyday. Only by adding new elements to this engine, we can become more efficient in many aspects of life. This is where the Mental & spiritual realms and their hidden Treasures (virtues) must be engaged to improve the performance of human engine for the benefit of all.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from.”

Discovery and development of virtues such as Purposefulness, Patience, Moderation, Responsibility, Truthfulness, Thankfulness, Generosity, Reliability and many more will allow the human engine to process the various forms of wealth for the benefit of entire humanity. This is what we aim to accomplish at Mind Treasures. Our mission is to raise a wealthy, prosperous and philanthropic generation through financial literacy and character development and we begin this process at the young age of 5. Our goal is to educate, mentor and enable children, youth, young adults, couples, families and the community they live in, to bring wealth and prosperity for all humankind throughout the world and as a added bonus bring financial independence for this and generations to come. I invite you to check out the latest video of how we are implementing this one person a time (


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