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A New Paradigm: Building Self-Esteem in India


india-children-21 A New Paradigm: Building Self-Esteem in India by Prem Carnot

In a country with 1.12 billion people, individuality is often overlooked for the efficacy of standardized testing and general requirements.  Education, finances, and/or social status are generally considered to define a person’s “value” to Indian society.  Whereas certain historic figures, such as Gandhi or Mother Theresa are revered for their determination and uniqueness, aims such as creativity, finding one’s life purpose, and personal fulfillment are not generally highly valued.  But the lesson that The I AM! Affirmation Book: Discovering the Value of Who You Are teaches is that each and every child has value and a gift to bring to the world, regardless of their color, caste, or creed.

India’s position as one of the fastest-growing economies is grounded in the IT industry, medicine, and engineering.  Most of these positions focus on the analytical and technical aspects of their fields.  Imagine the power for positive change when 1.12 billion people know their value, and are eagerly contributing their unique gifts and passions to the world!

For centuries Indian culture and education has been based on a communal, patriarchal model which propagates the population but actually does very little.  As India continues to emerge and its citizens take a larger role in the global community, India is now in need of educating their children, nurturing their self esteem and also learning to respect their community. This is where The I AM! Affirmation Books come in handy.

Photo by Moriah Diamond

Photo by Moriah Diamond

India and the many cultures which comprise this large, beautiful country have always focused on serving others to the detriment of themselves. The society is founded upon respect according to age rather than merit.

Traditionally India has been a country where elders are given their due respect, a practice which at times can be too much when young children are encouraged that their behavior is correct, regardless of it actually being right or wrong. This enhances the cultural of Indian kids that self-appreciation must come from others and that belief in their own self-worth is not important.  This is where a book like The I AM! Affirmation Book is so important to the current generation of kids, teaching them YES they can and should believe in themselves and that they are beings of light and they can shine and allow others to also shine with self-respect. But this is only possible as long as they are given clear guidelines. And I AM! Affirmations are exactly the creativity and unique market product needed.

Again, a book like The I AM! Affirmation Book would be such a help to the growing minds of children who can believe, like many other self-appreciating kids in the world, that they are worthy and that that worth comes from within. I AM! Affirmations will make a difference to the world of young Indian souls who are talented and wonderful just like all kids in this world. A world full of self-assured kids will bring great leaders and thinkers for our future. So let’s say I AM Perfect and the world I live in is Perfect, even though there are many differences. Those differences are what make our world so PERFECT.


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By Prem Carnot, North Star Family Matters Magazine


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