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“I AM! Affirmations: 2nd Article in the Series

“I AM” Affirmations

2nd Article in the Series

By Dr. Marilyn Powers and Steve Viglione



“On behalf of the Rotary Club of San Marcos, CA and Thousand Smiles…thank you for your Foundation’s generous donation of your wonderful books for the children coming to the Clinic. They loved the books! We had translators read the books to them and the smiles were everywhere.”

–William Wood, President The Rotary Club of San Marcos


An affirmation is a true statement, and the truth is that you are a loving intelligent caring being full of potential and worthy of love, respect and appreciation.  Whatever we choose to say after the words “I am” affect our feelings, moods, and even how we see the world. When they’re positive, these beliefs support us in feeling more confident and capable at school, at home, wherever we are.

I Am Infinite!

Inside me there is a treasure,

Of gifts I can give to everyone,

Too countless to even measure.

I Am Brilliance!

And of all the things I know,

Helping one another is the

Greatest way to grow.

What gifts do you have? We all possess simple but meaningful gifts such as a smile, a pat on the back, a helping hand, a hug, or a concerned, “How are you?” There are also gifts that are unique just to you! Gifts such as being able to draw, being a good listener, playing a musical instrument, fixing things, making people laugh, asking good questions, or loving animals. When you share your special gifts with others, you feel better and so do they. The best thing about your brilliant gifts is that the more you give of them freely, the more you will discover who you truly are.

How many ways can you think of to grow as a person? That means, how can you learn new things about yourself, discover new ways of seeing the world, and become a more compassionate, loving person? When we share our gifts in caring, thoughtful ways, we grow as a person.

Now close your eyes for a moment and imagine someone you know who is struggling or having a difficult time. Who comes into your mind? What is a way you might reach out to that person with your thoughtfulness? You might ask them if there is some way you can help, or just trust what you feel and give it a try.

When Tommy closed his eyes to think of someone that might need help, he immediately thought of Carlos, who had just moved in down the street. Tommy realized that Carlos often looked lonely so he decided that the next time he saw Carlos he would invite him to play basketball after school.

When Sasha closed her eyes, she thought of how sad her younger sister Tyra looked when she came home from school today because some girls had called her a name.

Sasha decided that her sister might want to talk to someone about her day, so she went to Tyra’s room and asked her how she felt about what happened at school.

Kristal and Dillon loved to sing and were in the school musical. When Kristal closed her eyes she thought how much everyone at Granny’s nursing home would love to hear them sing. She decided to talk to Dillon about organizing a sing-along at the nursing home.

How can you share your gifts? Who can you help by shining your light and expressing your brilliance? Maybe it’s at school, at home, or some place in your community. It might be including someone at lunch or helping someone with their work. One night you might set the table without being asked, take out the trash, or do something else without being asked. One of the best gifts is to find ways to express your appreciation and love for those around you.

Every time you take the opportunity to share your talents and gifts by helping someone, your brilliance shines. Remind yourself, “I am Brilliance!” and “I am Infinite!” Affirmations remind you of your true value, no matter what is going on around you. Let your words and actions express the highest and best of who you truly are. When you say your affirmations out loud, in your head, or to your reflection in the mirror, they remind you of your brilliance and encourage you to let your brilliance shine towards others. Remember, that as you let your own brilliance shine, you help others give themselves permission to do the same.

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