Posted by: The I AM Foundation | April 7, 2009

Planting Seeds of a Book Gifting Mission in India

Our good friends Prem Carnot and Wendy Garrido from North Star Family Matters Magazine are planting the seeds for a book gifting mission to India we plan to do later this year.  Here is Prem’s first blog post from Pondicherry,  a south east coastal town in India…

by Prem Carnot

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As I reached India I was wondering how I could contribute to the well being of kids in this part of the world. Having been involved in co creating with my partners Sue and Wendy a parenting magazine ( to inspire conscious parenting and empowered kids, and giving meaningful articles to  families, I had a very extensive knowledge. And how I could contribute my talent and passion in a way which was meaningful to me as well as a community and kids of the world.  Steve Viglione of The I AM Foundation suggested that I could scout some schools and orphanages for his upcoming  Book Gifting Mission.  I was totally blown away as well as thrilled to contribute my service for his lovely foundation.

So here I was in Pondicherry,  a south east coastal town in India which was once a colony of France and also where my parents live for the past 35 years.  After  a few days of deserved dress as I started to putting my intention to the Universe, I met Shirley an 80 year old American from Palm Beach , FL who was in an adjacent room in the guest house we were renting.  And it happens to be she was a retired teacher from Holland, MI ( the state Wendy my wife is from) and who was teaching in a very rural school on the outskirts of the town.  And she put us in contact with Subash the headmaster of The Isai Ambalam School.

Isai Ambalam School in India

Isai Ambalam School in India

So we traveled to the school which was an half an hour ride from the city and in a very rural set up and I found this beautiful school in the middle of nowhere with kids ages from 2 to 18 years. The school one of the pioneers of alternate model school and they followed a program called Glen Domen style which has certainly made an impact in this school.


Kids are from very poor background and each kid has a very long and sad story behind them.  Between drunken fathers beating them up to orphans living on streets right from their birth as they were abandoned by their parents. But here was school implementing the love of learning and building their confidence from inside out. I fell in love with the school and since revisited the school with Wendy a few times and now are actively involved in spending time with kids playing and teaching various skills from math, English, algebra and so on.  More to come as we progress our time with “the kids”.

Much love from beautiful Pondicherry,

Click here for information on how to do a Book Gifting Mission with The I AM Foundation.

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