Posted by: The I AM Foundation | April 1, 2009

How love can build your child’s self-esteem

by Steve Viglione

This morning I spoke to Mary,  a grandmother and mother of a first grader in San Diego.  Mary and I discussed how important  reading positive books are to a child’s self-esteem. Reading them on a daily basis can really impact a child and their life.  Mary adopted her granddaughter and is caring for her as well as providing for her.  Mary and I also identified that simply loving a child and giving them our time and energy can also build their self-esteem. It can also increase their feelings of worthiness and of being loved.  In the busyness of life, let us realize that taking a few moments out of each day to tell our children that we love them can increase his or her self-esteem, awareness of self-worth and capacity to receive.

This simple idea can potentially keep your child connected to the family unit and not looking to strangers and shadowy influences  for acceptance,  love and everything a child really needs from the one’s they look up to the most, their parents.

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